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Today's Field-Finds

Items that I am searching for and willing to trade: I will trade/barter and make deals to acquire Paw Paw Bullhead lures, Oscar Peterson Decoys, and other Oscar Peterson items, Marathon Musk-E-Munks, Ex+ CCBCo, Ex or better Shur Strikes, Heddon Wee Tads.

I am actively searching for the following colors of Heddon: RHF - Red Head Flitter, NPY - Nickel Plate Yellow (Shown below).

NEW - 05.9.2015

Hello!  Allow me to apologize for the lack of updates and offer an explanation. A few years back I had purchased a tablet and unfortunately, this website cannot and does not allow for editing via a tablet. Only now, do I have a laptop that enables me to interface with the site once again.

That's great news for everyone as I have a TON of lures to sell.
I will be updating the Lures section over the next few weeks so check back often. Please check the Shipping and payment section.
I can always be reached at  I do have a day job, so please allow some time for me to respond. Thanks folks!

Rebel Lures Salesman's Attache' case

Came across this stunner at an auction in California. This is an incredible find and deserves a home in a Rebel collection. The baits in this case date to 1969-1970. The case has lures that pre-date the release of new models for 1970 and I estimate the case to date to around 1969 more accurately. Lost during a move a few years back, I am happy to offer it to a Rebel collector. I m sure that all collectors know how rare this item is...That being said, I will say that the case has been estimated at somewhere between $700-1000 and also know that I am a reasonable man. If interested contact me:

Case is in excellent condition! Love the Bass!

"The Pilot"

I found this little doosie at the bottom of a tackle box last year and it wasn't until recently that I found out what it was. This is the H.R. Stewart  "Pilot" the lure dates to 1903. I was able to find and actual ad for the lure from a hardware magazine.Thanks to Tim for his help with the ID of this neat lure.

This Ad shows the Pilot at the bottom with some well-known lures of the time

If you collect vintage fishing flies or salmon flies, please click HERE and look through this gallery. If you see something you like, please contact me.

Incredible "Oscar Peterson's Decoys" Tin Sign

Authentic Oscar Peterson tin sign advertisement. This is an incredible piece and one that I suspect could complete a Peterson decoy collection. Raised-relief and most-likely dating to around the late 1930's to early 40's Isimply cannot put into words how neat this sign is. Absolutely nothing wrong with this sign, no dents, not pits, no rust. Posted here for your enjoyment. - Chuck
Brief history on Oscar Peterson as well as some examples of his work. Here.

Picture taken outside

Picture taken inside showing raised -relief. We all know that outside shots are better.. for whatever reason

I managed to find this picture of what a severely weathered sign looks like. Glad this one survived.

A nice collection of fishing related bottles and containers make a beautiful display.
Nice to know that niche' collectors are preserving these pieces of fishing history.

Four Pennsylvania Fishing license badges - 1951, 1952, 1953 & 1955

each one is authentic and highly collectible. Although southern states and earlier types are more highly sought after, these four definitely make a great addition to a collection. Was thinking about holding onto them.
Selling at $12.00 each.


If you have any Paw Paw Bullheads for sale or know of someone selling them, please let me know.
An example of what I am looking for can be seen below.

This example of a Bullhead in gold spot color sold for approx $1800.00

Another example of a Bullhead in the earliest of Paw Paw boxes.

Another example of a Bullhead in Green.

Bullheads originated around 1929 and are very hard to find in Mint condition. They measure 4-1/4" long with a few versions measuring just under 4-1/2" long. These somewhat longer versions are thought to be the earliest Bullheads. This wonderful lure was gone from Paw Paw catalogs by the late 1930's

Old photos of Lauri Rapala and his early manufacture of Rapala lures  HERE

Woods Postcard. Excellent find.

I found this in a local antiques store in a rack of postcards... Needless to say this is great find, especially of you are a Woods collector like myself.



The #3401 Snook Pikie Ringed Special

 See the Creek Chub Lure section for the story about this rare lure