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Brief note here.  I am quickly throwing up reference material on these pages for these lures. Eventually I will be adding text to these pages to better describe the lure, its manufacture, colors and hardware. I hope you find it informative.

The Water Scout

Perhaps the most easily recognized lure in collecting, sporting its trademark "keel", The Clark Water Scout has made a permanent mark on fishing lure history. It begins with the patent of this lure in 1934. The rest is history (as they say).

The first generation

Water Scouts (pre-patent) emerged around 1928 and were entirely handmade. These baits had no eyes and were crudely painted by hand. A few examples of these are known to exist although I have never seen one.

The second generation

The first production (and second generation) scouts had no eyes at all, aside from a splash of blush. These can be identified by the larger line tie on the lure along with some other hardware differences. These made their first appearance around 1930, Thus No-Eye Scouts date from 1928 - 1933.

The third generation

of Water Scouts came to us with "Dents" for eyes or slightly concave grooves at the front of the lure. These scouts are now commonly referred to as "Dent-Eyed" scouts and were manufactures between 1933 and 1937

Wooden dent-eyed Water Scout with box

   The  #400 Plastic Dent-Eyed Water Scout        Notice the red dot -indicating a "sinker"

Nice photo of a wooden dent-eyed Water Scout

The fourth generation

Fourth generation Scouts are the ones most are familiar with. Dating from 1938 to 1949 these scouts had tack eyes adding a slight bump in the center of the dent.

The bump eyed Water Scout 

This Water scout in a color that I am unfamiliar with...Beautiful.

"Spook" Water Scouts

In the following years scouts were even made in a clear plastic "spook" fashion. Below are some pictures of an excellent example of this type of lure... you can see through the yellow scaling. Nice Lure.

Series and Model numbers

#100 - Water Scout, sinker, wood, 1 7/8", 1/4 oz., c.1940-46
#200 - Water Scout, floater, wood, 1 7/8", 1/4 oz., c.1940-46
#300 - Water Scout, floater, wood, 2" & 2 1/4", 1/2 oz., c.1928-49
#400 - Water Scout,sinker, wood, 2" & 1/4", 1/2 oz., c.1940-49
#500 - Water Scout Duckling,sinker wood, 2", 3/8 oz., c.1946
#600 - Water Scout Duckbill, wood, 2 3/8", 1/2 oz., c.1937
#700 - Popper Scout, wood, 2 1/2", 1/4 oz., c.1945
#1700 - Popper Scout, Junior, wood, 3/16 oz., c. 1945
#800 - Water Scout Streamliner,sinker, tenite(plastic), 2 1/8", 5/8 oz., c.1946
#900 - Darter Scout (Top Scout), wood, 2 7/8" 3/8 oz., c.1945
#25 - Dwarf Deamon, tenite(plastic), 1 11/16" smaller version of the darter, c.1958
#1000 - "Little Eddie" Water Scout, sinker, wood, 1 3/4", 1/2 oz., c.1946, possibly replaced #100
#2000 - "Little Eddie" Water Scout, floater, wood, 1 3/4", 1/4 oz., c.1946, possibly replaced #200
#1500 - Jointed Duckbill Scout, tenite(plastic), 3", 7/16 oz., c. 1948
#2600 - Goofy Gus, wood, 1/2 oz., c. 1948, surface
# Baby Goofy Gus, tenite(plastic), 2", surface, c.1958
# Deep Diving Water Scout, 3", low production or experimental, c.1935

Strike King

Clark sold the Water scout to Strike King Lures who continued to produce the scout. The scouts are still produced even today.


The Scout still alive even today....

Strike King "Spence Scout"

The evolution of the Water Scout from 1928 to today has this small wonder still being fished by today' fishermen. Although the trademark "Keel" is gone, the dive lip and lines of this lure are un-mistakable.

Now being sold by Strike King as the "Spence Scout" -  named after the founder of Strike King, Charles Spence and the Lure he bought to launch his company.

Many will attest that the older scouts still catch mean Bass even better than today's model.... However the Water Scout still Lives! a whole 80 years later.


Clark's made many different lures. This is a varaition of the Scout, known as a "Duck-Billed" Water Scout.

Other Lures made by C.A. Clark Mfg.

Dwarf Deamon

Goofy Gus

Top to Bottom: Goofy Gus, Darter, Scout Spook

Water Scout Colors

"Dent-Eye" versions 1933-1937

Tack-eyed versions 1938-1949

Lures Examples and colors




Water Scout Boxes

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