Some Creek Chub Facts
Most people are unaware of the importance of Creek Chub, not only for the lures this company created but for it's patents relating to lure manufacture. Few collectors know that Heddon had to pay Creek Chub to paint scaling on it's lures... something as simply as painted scaled on lures was patented by Creek Chub. Other lure companies used and still use this scaling to this day. Also of note is the patents for lip design. Most collectors can identify this lure simply by the shape of the lip.

Lures and Model Numbers

The #3401 Series Snook-Pikie Ringed Special

Harry Heinzerling, son of Carl Heinzerling, (one of the founders of CCBC), was one of the main forces at Creek Chub Bait Co. until his retirement in 1978.

Harry was a man of great vision. Among his contributions to Creek Chub were the introductions of “Spinning” and “Plastic” lures.

Harry was also instrumental in the design of prototype lures for possible production. Harry was a man who also loved to take his work home with him...literally. He took a number of lures and items from the factory and stored them at his home (especially lures that Harry considered putting into production, but were never produced).

3401 Ringed Special - From my personal collection.

This lure, the #3401 Series Snook Pikie Ringed Special was one of the lures Harry took home. Not until after his death did a relative find three, New in Box, #3401 Snook Pikie Ringed Specials at the homestead. Up until then, no one knew they existed. These are the only three of these lures that are known to exist; no one has ever found more. These lures were originally purchased from the Harry Heinzerling estate.

The relative that discovered the 3401 Snook Specials, also found two other “RINGED” models.....the 3018 Husky Jointed Ringed Pikie Special and the 700 Pikie Ringed Special. There were only three (3) 3401 Specials, three (3) 3018 Specials, and three (3) 700 Specials made and found.

One of the 700 ringed pikies

An example of one of the 3018 jointed husky ringed pikies

A total of only nine Creek Chub Ringed Specials are known to exist. Considered a prototype, they were made but never went into production, making them uncatalogued lures as well.

This is the lure shown in Dr Harold Smiths book on page 201.

In the acknowledgments section of his book, Harold Smith thanks the Harry Heinzerling estate and Derek Heinzerling for providing lures and photographs. Derek subsequently sold the lure to Roger Robichau of Texas, it was sold to me and when I couldn't acquire the set, I sold it back to Roger.

I have created and optical comparison of the two photos and this is in fact the exact lure shown in Dr. Smiths book on page 201. (see below)


Two more examples of ringed pikies

Creek Chub Fly-rod Lures

Creek Chub Metal Lures