Fishing Lure Grading System

  • NIB - New in Box = Unused in its original box/carton/container.

  • M - Mint = Unused without box.

  • EXC - Excellent = Very little or no age lines, very minor defects.

  • VG - Very Good = Little age cracking, some minor defects.

  • G - Good = Some age cracks, starting to chip, small defects.

  • AVG - Average = Some paint loss and/or chipping, showing age.

  • F - Fair = Major paint loss and/or defects. Much chipping on paint.

  • P - Poor = Parts missing, poor color and/or major chipping.

  • R - Repaint = Original paint cover over in all or in part.

Further clarification can be added by using a "+" and "-" on the grading system.



Rod Grading System

  • NIB - New-In-Box Unused w/original container
  • M - Mint Unused w/out original container
  • EXC - Excellent Very minor flaws in finish, overall condition excellent
  • VG - Very Good Finish showing wear, no missing parts
  • G - Good Minor physical problems, finish scratched/ worn; possible re-wrap and/or re-varnish, minor          parts missing.
  • F - Fair Major physical problems; such as cane separation, short tip, etc.
  • P - Poor A junker, good for parts only.


  Reel Grading System

Reels are graded on both appearance and mechanical operation, therefore reels will have both an "A" rating and a "M" rating. 

MINT - Used for both appearance and mechanical rating systems = Original factory condition, never used. 


  • A10 - "Unflawed" Looks "mint", but no guarantee as to whether or not it was used.
  • A9 - "Excellent" Hard rubber still polished; edges sharp; markings sharp; machining marks crisp; plating           intact; no corrosion, pitting, chips or scratches.
  • A8 - "Very Good" Occasional light scratch; minor normal plating wear; rubber edges may not be sharp;       minor foot imperfections; clean; crank knobs tight.
  • A7 - "Very Good Minus" Small chip(s); some plating wear; screw slots obviously used; light cleaning required; if recently polished, some surface defects.
  • A6 - "Good" Chip(s); small dent(s); scratch or two from normal use; light corrosion; foot filed heavily or bent severely; some screw heads buggered.
  • A5 - "Good Minus" Larger chip(s) and/or scratches; heavier corrosion; light pitting; slight bends in pillar or crank; knob pins bent or loose; may need small replacement part such as a screw, nut or bearing cap.
  • A4 - "Fair" Has significant problems. Heavy corrosion; buggered screws; cracked rubber plate; small broken part(s); missing major part(s) such as pillar, line guide, click button; foot seriously damaged.
  • A3 - "Fair Minus" More serious problems. Broken foot or other frame part; bent or badly dented plates.
  • A2 - "Poor" May be useful for parts.
  • A1 - "Valueless" No aesthetic value.   


  • M10 - "Excellent" All functions work perfectly; no wear.
  • M9 - "Excellent Minus" All functions work well, though some wear apparent. Spool fully adjustable; strong click; strong brake; smooth level wind (if present).
  • M8 - "Very Good" All functions work well, though complete adjustment may not be possible. Slight spool "dinging;" some click wear; brake pressure might not be maximal.
  • M7 - "Very Good Minus" Normal use and wear. Spool "sloopy"; click weakening; level wind, slight wobble.
  • M6 - "Good" All functions work, but with some difficulty; click or brake not functional; level wind jams, broken gear tooth or worn gear.
  • M5 - "Fair" Functional problems requiring replacement parts to make operable.
  • M4 - "Fair Minus" Major functional problem(s) possible due to missing or broken parts that are not easily replaced.
  • M3 - "Poor" Major problem(s) throughout the reel
  • M2 - "Valueless" No mechanical value - parts reels only.
  • M1 - Throw it out!

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