Paw Paw Bait Co. Paw Paw Michigan

PAW PAW Bait Co. c.1950's

PAW PAW Fishing License Topper

PAW PAW mouse Ad

Paw Paw Boxes

Highly sought after, Paw Paw and Moonlight boxes command some of the highest prices of all boxes. Aside from the K & K Minnow boxes, Paw Paw boxes are without a doubt the most notable amongst collectors

The Paw Paw "Orange" box. Earliest box.

The Paw Paw "Make em' Strike" box, second oldest

New collectors should note that the above "Black and Yellow" should NOT be confused with (Paw Paw's last box) the other yellow and black box from the early 1970's (below).

Fly Rod Bait Boxes

Nice Example of a Paw Paw Trout fly box

Lucky Lure Boxes (made by Paw Paw)

Nice Example of a Paw Paw caster in Rainbow NIB

The Lucky Lure red box

...and the Lucky Lure Blue box (1071 River go-getter)

Paw Paw Lure  Examples

Feather Caster

Bullhead in Green Gold-spot

Lippy Joe in Heddon's Allen Stripey Color

spinner haired mouse

Paw Paw History

Paw Paw gets it origins from the Moonlight Bait Co...A lure company started around 1908 by Charles Varney and Horace Ball, both members of what was then "The Moonlight Bass Club"

Moonlight Baits started manufacture sometime around 1908 and then merged with Silver Creek Novelty Works becoming "Moonlight Bait and Novelty Works - Makers of the Pikaroon we are all familiar with. (See below for the 1920 and 1925 catalogs)

Moonlight subsequently changed its name to Paw Paw around 1927-1930. From there, the lineage of this company branched off into several other lures brands - all made by Paw Paw until its purchase by Shakespeare in 1970.

Paw Paw brands:

  • Lucky Lures
  • J.C. Higgins

Some key notes on Paw Paw

Paw Paw purchased Arnold Tackle.

Paw Paw did lure manufacture for other lure companies - applying paint, along with hardware and assembly work for Shakespeare and South Bend.

PAW PAW Decoys

Paw Paw also manufactured Ice-Fishing decoys