Payment information

Pretty Simple...

1. I NO LONGER TAKE PAYPAL.  When a PP started demanding account numbers for my bank and personal life, I told them to get lost.... They remain lost
I refuse to submit to their idiotic policies and have since parted ways with that poorly run outfit.

2. Payments can be made by money order or personal check/bank check ONLY.
Contact me with your wants and I will provide a postal address.

3. Items with ship upon reciept of funds.

Please e-mail your wants/questions to me:

Shipping Policy

Policies updated 5.20.15

My shipping policy at Chuck's Tackle box is simple as well. Most items on this website can be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Please feel free to use this calculator for priority shipping:

In some instances the item may be shipped first class. Customers are charged only for the method used. Naturally, First class is cheaper, but comes with some risks. Once I drop it in the mail, it becomes the property of the buyer. I will help in any way I can, but I assume no responsibility for the USPS.

Priority Mail offers fast shipping, usually 2-3 business days and comes with delivery confirmation - eliminating the guessing game for all interested.

Every effort will be made to provide customers with tracking numbers. In the event that notice has not been received, please let me know, I'll make sure you get it.

In rare cases, and in order to facilitate collector needs, I can ship using UPS. However all costs related to this method of shipping will be passed onto the customer.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING:  I have shipped items around the world and will continue to do so to facilitate collectors in other parts of the world.

All cost associated with shipping of international orders will be passed on to the buyer. Registered mail is typically the ONLY method available. If other methods are available the item will be shipped using the most practical method. Please note that shipping to South America and South Africa brings the increased risk of theft as little regulation exists and crime is rampant in these third world countries. NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ITEMS THAT ARE LOST OR STOLEN IN THE MAIL.
(it does happen :/)