Penn No 85 Saltwater Reels

Excellent Saltwater reel in working order

$30.00 shipped.

Martin Automatic Model 48A

Martin "Mohawk" Automatic in full functioning operation Model 48A. Very nice reel. $30.00 Shipped

Heddon PAL P-41 Reel

A nicer examle of the same reel above. Notice that the reels appear to be different in that the spool is wooden above vs.a metal spool below. I am investigating this difference I believe the reel above to be older. This one $60.00

"Chief" raised Pillar reel.

This reel came from an ol'timer who told me he used to use this reel fishing in small ponds in Vermont. It is labeled with an "80" (yard reel) and the word "Chief" I bought this as part of a lot and I believe the mating rid for this is the Congress Quality "Chief" rod listed in my Rods section. Could make for a very nice pairing. $25.00

Unknown German Silver Caster.

I picked this reel up at Langs Auction in November. This reel is only marked "Nickel Silver" on the back. Nickel Silver is another name for "German Silver" and this reel is very sleek, very nice. The hand crank is wooden and the reel itself has a brass counter-balance and center screw, making this a very attractive find. Starting this one out a reasonable $125.00

Hendryx 80 yd. Multiplier

Really nice example of this pre-Winchester reel. Bought this off of an 80 year-old man who says he used it when he was a young boy. Looking for a good home for this one. nice level cranking on this and everyting operates as it is suppose to. cleaned, lubed and ready to go into a collection. $10.00 REDUCED

South Bend Spin Cast 77

South Bend Spin-cast 77 closed face, push button reel. This one works flawlessly and has a smooth wind to it. has some wear but still a nice reel. Cleaned and lubed, priced to move $20.00

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