Shur-Strike Lures were sold by Creek Chub Bait Co. to compete with lure markets geared towards the working man. These lures were rumored to be of lower quality than the Creek Chub line however, I have found Shur-Strikes to be absolutely beautiful lures. Shur-Strikes were sold indirectly to the public through mail order catalogs and hardware and tool companies/trade shops. This makes it extremely difficult to accurately account for these lures.  I began collecting Shur-Strikes years back, and promised myself that the lures I add would be top notch examples.My personal collection is limited but growing and I love these lures.

Shur-Strike Colors

00 - Pikie
01 - "Peanut Butter" (1932-1938)
01 - Yellow Perch
02 - RH, Red and White
03 - Silver Scale
04 - Yellow and Black
05 - Silver Red Head (1932-1935)
05 - Red side (older version)
05 - Red side (newer version)
06 - Shiner Scale
07 - Mullet
08 - Rainbow (old)
08 - Rainbow (new, Blue eyes)
09 - Gold Scale (1932-1933)
09 - Green Scale (was #1, 1937)
10 - Green Gar
11 - Red Scale (1936-1937)
11 - Black & White (1938-)
13 - Black
14 - Chain Perch
18 - Silver Flash
19 - Brown Frog (1st)
19 - Green Frog
19 - Green Frog, Orange Belly
19 - Green Frog, White Belly
20 - White Scale
22 - Yellow, Red Head
23 - Gray
24 - Yellow, Black/Red Stripes
25 - Strawberry
31 - Black and White Stripes
32 - Red and white Stripes
40 - Brown
41 - Blue/black
42 - Goldfish
43 - Pearl
46 - Red Head,  (paw paw mouse)
46 - BW, (paw paw mouse)
47 - Black, (paw paw mouse)
48 - White (paw paw mouse)
49 - Pearl Grey, (paw paw mouse)
60 - Orange Black Spot
61 - Orange and White
62 - Yellow and Black
63 - Black Orange Spot

Type A, Slant Nose in color 02 and correct Yellow box.

Everybody Loves Peanut-Butter!

Shur-Strike Color 01 from 1932 to 1938 is Light scale however, amongst collectors the color has come to be known as Peanut Butter. A highly sought after, highly collectible color. Enjoy!

Type L Floater in a beautiful Peanut Butter, color 01

Shur-Strike Boxes

The earliest Shur-Strike box

1935-1937 era box

1939 to late 40's era box

Last and the rarest - blue box, late 40's
My PP Mouse shown here with a version of the "Generic" box

The Shur-Strike Mouse

Below is a picture of a rare Shur-strike PP series mouse from my collection in a color of Paw Paw.

Quite possibly the only one of it's type in this color.

There are Paw Paw mice in this color, however, they are frocked - this is 100% Shur-strike in a custom, uncatalogued color. It is assumed that this may be color #48 (white) Shown here for reference and just because it is so sweet.

The PP Series Mouse in Color 48?28?

Same color Paw Paw mouse, which was frocked but the same Color.

Lures below are from my personal collection

L-type Floater in color 10, Green Gar, .

Shur-Strike Crab, series CR in Color 24

PP Series Mouse in Color #48
This color was exclusive to the PP mouse

P-Series Pikie in color 11, Red Scale

RR Series River Runt early version in Color 6, Shiner Scale

Other Examples of Shur-Strike Lures

Type P, Pikie in Shiner Scale, color 06

Type FF, Fast Fish in a Green Scale, also color 01

Type X Pointed Nose wiggler in color 00

Type X Pointed Nose wiggler in color 02

Type GM, Gar Minnow in color 32

Type BO, Bass Oreno in color 05-Old Redside

Type MO, Mouse in color 11

Type PL, Plunker in color 1YP

Type Y, Concave Darter in color 1YP

Type D, Baby Surf Oreno in color 02

Type HRJ/RRJ, Jointed River Runt in a color that is not typically found on SS Lures. This Color is "Green Shiner" which was a Paw Paw color.

L-type Floater in color 11, Red Scale

The Four Frogs

Shur-Strike had 4 different frog colors over the years. here are examples of them shown in progression

TT Darter in Brown Frog, color 19

TT Darter in Green Frog, color 19

Type C, Surf Oreno in Frog with orange Belly, color 19

MO mouse in Frog with white belly, color 19

Shur-Strike Lure Models

Early 1930's

Type A - Slant Nose
Type B - Baby Slant Nose
Type C - Surf Oreno Type
Type D - Baby Surf Oreno Type
Type E - Underwater Spinner
Type G - Slope Nose
Type H - Shovel Nose
Type J - Sarasota
Type K - "Lobotomy" Wiggler
Type L - Floating Surface Lure
No. 4 - Pike
No. 5 - Jointed Pike
No. 6 - Wiggle Wizard

Shur-Strike Lure Models

Late 1930's
Later Models (1938,1939) in Bold

BBO - Baby Bass Oreno
BIM -Baby Injured Minnow
BGM - Baby Gar Minnow (1939)
BPJ -Baby Jointed Pikie
BO - Bass Oreno Series
BSO -Baby Surf Oreno (1939 only)
CR - Crab Series
FF - Fast/Flat Fish Series
FHR - Floating River Runt
FRR - Floating River Runt
GM - Gar Minnow Series (Series R)
HR - Runt Series (RR series)
HRJ - Jointed River Runt (RRJ)
HV - Heddon Vamp (#4)
HVJ - Heddon Jointed Vamp (#5)
IM - Injured Minnow Series
MO - Mouse Series
MP - Midget Pikie (1939)
O - Unknown (possibly Oreno)
P - Pikie Series
PJ - Jointed Pikie Series
PL - Plunker series
PP - Mouse (Paw Paw style, 1940)
PS - Petite Spinner series
Q - V-Groove
R - Gar Minnow
RR - River Runt/Rascal (Anteater)
RRJ - Jointed River Runt
SD - Small Dude Series
SO - Surf Oreno (Type D, 1937)
TT - Darter Series
UW - Under Water (1937)
X - Pointed Nose Wiggler
Y - Concave Darter

Important Notes:
HV Series - Formerly No.4 lure
Key differentiating factors are the  addition of concave eye planes and a thicker body. Line tie is now located at the nose vs chin on the #4

HVJ Series - Formerly No.5 lure

Shur-Strike Fly Rod Lures

Lures Introduced 1937

FO - Fly Oreno (smaller sized)
TO - Trout Oreno

Important notes on Fly-Rod Lures

Color #1 (1937) - Green Scale
Color #1 (1938) - Perch

Shur-Strikes in other places

Shur-Strike lures were also sold under other names for some well-known retailers, tradehouses and buisnesses under arrangements with CCBCo.

Below I have listed some of the known carriers.

  • Andy's Lures (Anderson's)
  • AL&W
  • Bass-A-Lure
  • Diamond (Simmons)
  • Fish-Ketchers (Wards)
  • Gart Bros.
  • Gateway Lures
  • Guardian (Buhl Sons Co.)
  • H&D Folsom
  • King Bee Baits (King Hardware)
  • Kingfisher (Tryon)
  • MeadowBrook (Sears & Roebuck)
  • Playdays (Morley Bros.)
  • Sport King (Wards)
  • True Value (Hibbard)
  • Uncle Tom Lures (W Bingham Co.)
  • Vee Bee (Vodisch Bros)
  • Western Auto

A Western Auto Type HR in Silver Flash